“Speaking mindfully builds trust and changes everything.”

Mary Berney

WeSpeakMindful™ improves workplace communication by raising the awareness to the intended and unintended consequences of what is said and how it’s said.

We replace toxic unskilled language with effective mindful communication, because work is not only about getting tasks and projects completed; it’s also about communicating with compassion, clarity, consistency and integrity every time.

  • Words Matter. To you, your employees, your customers and most importantly, your bottom line.
  • Benefits everyone. Your business depends on clear, mindful communication across the board.
  • Maintain integrity. Misunderstandings and failed communications cost you money, time, and even your reputation.

Everyone speaks, hears, listens and reacts from their own point of view and that’s okay.  The key, however, to Mindful Communication is being aware of how you communicate. Understanding the power of your words ensures a delivery that increases receptivity, resulting in more productive discussion, better decisions and effective relationships.

Would you rather work with and do business with, someone who talks at you or over you and doesn’t really listen; or someone who sees, hears, and genuinely listens to all you say AND wants you to succeed?

Miscommunication combined with misperception unleash havoc for your and your organization.

WeSpeakMindful™ is devoted to making the workplace a human-friendly place, capitalizing on our rich 21st century workforce, empowering all employees to handle change, embrace diversity, reduce conflict and eliminate misunderstandings. Our powerful programs ensure that all team members have the necessary skills to hold difficult conversations, eliminate hidden agendas, and deal with unexpected setbacks with understanding and respect, so that people don’t get triggered and let their emotions get the best of them and the situation.

Effective mindful communication is the core of every interaction and the foundation of any thriving business.  Getting anything accomplished in business begins with your opening words and ends with closing the deal, all the result of effective, mindful communication.

If you could improve employee morale, performance, retention, and loyalty with just one solution, – would you do it?

Here’s how you and your organization will benefit:

  Corporate Culture – Communicate openly

√  Change Management – Transform resistance to receptivity

√  Conflict Resolution – Build trust rather than erode it

  Customer Service – Exceed expectations

  Leadership Development – Empower using mindful communication

  Management Skills – Motivate through listening, encouraging and acknowledging

  Performance Development – Enhance skills, expertise and business savvy

√  Team Building – Grow high performing collaborative teams

Investing in WeSpeakMindful™ programs results in the optimum collaborative environment resulting in immediate and measurable cost-favorable business outcomes and lasting change.

The payoff?  Everyone wins! Customers, employees, your organization, your community!

Every WeSpeakMindful™ program is designed to foster an environment of trust that will directly affect how employees feel about themselves, about management, coworkers and the company.  Programs are customized to your organization’s needs, resulting in improved loyalty, performance and retention – all of which impact your bottom-line.

Delivering HR Solutions Through Mindful Communication

With over twenty-five years of experience, we provide the skills and tools you need to foster clear, respectful, mindful communication in every company setting.

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